Agbobly is a Brooklyn based, independent design studio founded by Jacques Agbobly during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Our goal is to highlight Black, queer and immigrant narratives and our cultural contributions through a global-focused lens.

There is a need in the fashion sphere to explore race, gender, culture outside of the traditional western landscape. With a firm approach and aesthetic that aims to break down gender binaries, our designs incorporate Black history and artisan traditions into the modern era to inform our view of the future of fashion.

Agbobly has developed a deep heritage of vibrant colors, artisanal materiality and visionary silhouettes inspired by Jacques’ experiences as an indigenous, non-binary immigrant. The Togolese identity and heritage is fundamental to our brand’s celebration of multiplicities within Black culture through fashion.

Agbobly is rooted in uplifting communities through storytelling and the centering of West African hand craft, which is infused within our custom made-to-order design approach. This model has allowed us to eliminate the possibility of excess in production. Our products are made in-house on a hand-operated knitting machine using natural fibers that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Agbobly is centered around individuality with a keen sense of playful optimism and joy that is evoked through the use of color, bright materials and designs that pay tribute to Togolese heritage and history. Our goal is to break barriers and allow our consumers the opportunity to take up space and elevate their true selves. Given that our founder’s identity vacillates between two cultures (Togolese and American) it is important that the brand serves as a reflection of that through the offering of nuanced approaches to the traditional Togolese handcraft techniques that are overlooked within the luxury space.

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