Black Archetypes

The aim of the collection is to highlight Black joy through the use of bright colors and playful silhouettes, while simultaneously paying homage to some of the archetypes and dress practices rooted in the Black identity from a global perspective.

The first look in the collection combines two archetypes found in West African culture and Black American culture: the Nigerian Aunty and Sagging. I wanted to bring together two worlds that are often looked at as existing on two different spectrums. The Nigerian Aunty archetype often is looked at as an embodiment of wealth while sagging is considered to represent something that is “low-class”, often by non-black folks. The resulting silhouette aims to subvert the boundaries of masculinity within the Black community.

While completing the finalized touches on the first look, the two archetypes highlight westernized ideals of dressing combined so seamlessly which inspired me to expand the idea further and create the rest of the collection.